Welstarco develops and delivers alternative software and energy friendly hardware solutions to offer you cost aware, sustainable computing/IT.

Sustainable IT?

To us, sustainable IT is about making the longest and best use of resources and data. With the freedom to choose open standards and lean hardware. It prevents wasting effort, energy and resources. And results in lower total cost of ownership during the application's lifespan.

Open standards

Using open standards and open source, you avoid the dreaded 'vendor lock-in'. Open standards keep your data accessible to other and future applications. You remain in control of your data. And hence, your investment.

Lean hardware

Open standards enable alternative software. Which allows you to find a hardware solution matching your usage. Platforms with low licence costs or energy efficient hardware can help you save costs when scaling up in data centres.

Hence you can reduce the total usage costs during the entire lifespan of your application. A welcome opportunity in these challenging times for small and medium businesses.

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We'll be glad to assist you in developing and saving with sustainable IT.